To all attendees, friends, and followers of LanOps,

Lanops 23 “Unstoppable” living up to its name due to unforeseen circumstances has had to change venue, located about 15 minutes away from our previously announced venue at Dronfield and closer to Junction 29 on the M1 (about 10 minutes away).
The date of our event remains unchanged, being the 22rd to the 24th of July. As an apology for the change of details we are going to offer all attendees who have already paid a £10 credit to a future LanOps event, and we are pleased to announce that LanOps 23 tickets will be available at the reduced the price of £20 for everyone else.
Sadly, we are also going to have to drop the League of Legends tournament from the timetable.
If either of these changes are not workable for you, we can offer you a refund but we are sure you’ll be pretty happy with our new home at:

North Wingfield Community Centre
Whiteleas Avenue,
North Wingfield,
S42 5PW

Pictures of venue here

For our first event at this new venue seats will be restricted to 48 places so be sure to grab a seat before they are gone! There are multiple sleeping rooms at the venue and local amenities include takeaways, sandwich shop and good sized co-op. We will also be joined by VRUK with their Flight, Racing Vive and Oculus Rift setups. We’ll be making further announcements on the timetable shortly, want to see something featured – let us know!

tl;dr Same awesome atmosphere, new venue!

[email protected]

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LanOps 23: Unstoppable

After it’s first sold out event LanOps is returning bigger, better and more awesome this summer.

Sponsored by MSI UK, there will be prizes to be won from our raffle system where everyone gets a chance to win something. We will also be hosting our first League of Legends tournament and kicking it off with a £200 prize fund.

LanOps 23 is a 48 hour LAN party for 68 people who love gaming and socialising with like minded people. Covering everything from social/fun games, competative tounaments, Virtual Reality rigs for you to try out, card and table top games, consoles and retro arcade set-ups!

£30 bring your own computer for the full weekend with a saving of £5 if booked before 1st April. We will also be continuing with our bring a newbie offer if you have been to a LanOps event before, you can claim £10 cashback for every new person you bring along!

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LanOps 22: Feel the Rage

LanOps 22 is now live and ready to take bookings! Head on over to the event page to book now. Book for the 31st of December and get £5 off!

The usual goodies will be present such as Rocket League, Counter Strike, Brikes Lounge, Social games and of course… Pizza.

The LanOps Team would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who helped out at LanOps 21! A big thank you to our sponsors Play3r, MSI, Kustom PCs and The Race Factory. And of course The Portal for hosting us again.

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LanOps 21: Totally To The Max


The LanOps Team would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who helped out as well as our sponsors Play3r, BitFenix, Kustom PCs and Wild Coq and The Race Factory for bringing down those amazing Racing Sim set-ups.

Special thanks to Shaun Cunningham and James Milburn for the amazing pub quiz. Words cannot describe.

You guys and girls have made this one of the best we have held and a fantastic 20th anniversary!

With that said, we are proud to announce our next event on the 6th-8th of November. A introductory ticket price of £25.00 will be available until the 3rd of October.

Pictures from the event are already been uploaded, we will post a link once they are all uploaded. Tournament standings will also be posted for all you’re gloating enjoyment.

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LanOps 19 Gallery now live!

The gallery for LanOps 19 is now live for you view pleasure. Click the link below!

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Social games to be a timetabled event!


With the overwhelming positive response from last LAN, we’ve decided to go ahead and make the social games a timetabled event!

Werewolves will be making a comeback as well as some other very interesting and quite devious card games.

Only 1 week left for the early bird offer as well! Pay before the 1st of July and save £5! Stay tuned for more information within the next week about tournaments and the timetable!

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LanOps 20 Annoucement


We are very pleased to announce our next event. LanOps 20 – Valhalla!

Held at our usual venue of the Portal in Sheffield, our summer lan will be held on the 18th – 20th of September. The payments are currently live as well as seating. Tournaments and Timetable will come soon! So stay tuned!

We would also like to thank everyone that attended LanOps 19 and made it amazing! The Gallery should be live very soon.

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LanOps 19 Live!


Afternoon folks!

The payments for LanOps 19 are now live as well as the Seating Plan and info pages! Tournaments and Timetable to come!

LanOps 19 is a LAN party for all who love gaming. We have a friendly environment with like-minded people and always have a awesome weekend.

We love gaming and having fun! At LanOps there is something for everyone; with a few competitive games, big games, rage inducing indie games, hilarious prop hunting, and retro console gaming!

Join us for a full weekend of gaming, good laughs, pizza, prizes, and more!

PLEASE NOTE: There might be a slight bug with the payment and paypal. Make sure that you carry it through to our Thankyou page. It’s a paypal issue and I am working on a fix.

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As promised, the update… The time table is now live!

We got loads of goodies in store for you this time around. Starting off early on Friday with UT3 and going on till late with Supreme Commander and Consoles. New games on Saturday like Hedge Wars (A free version of Worms), OpenTTD (Free updated version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. TRAINS!) and Garry’s Mod! KustomPCs are holding their usual Indie game madness. The game will be announced on the day as per usual.

Hearthstone is also making a appearance. Throughout the weekend we will be a running Hearthstone tournament with the final on Sunday morning. As well as Hearthstone, Track mania will also be run throughout the weekend. Get the best times on the selected tracks and you win. It’s that simple. Cut off is Sunday at 4. We have also made the swap over to Garry’s Mod Prophunt instead of TF2’s. This should provide for MUCH better games and bigger and better laughs!

As well as the new games, the old favorites are returning like Supreme Commander, TF2 and UT.

There are still seats left for our next even in March so head on over to and book your seat now!

[email protected]!

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Tournament Schedule live!


And have we got a treat for you guys. We are running are usual Unreal Tournament 3 Knock out tournament. The bottom 3 from each round will get knocked out until we have 3 finalists to battle it out in the grand final! Those who do get knocked out can always retreat to one of our other Unreal Tournament Servers running throughout the weekend.

Trackmania is also back. But with a twist. Trackmania will be running throughout the entire weekend. The best times from each of our 3 custom tracks (made by Rebel) will win. There will also be a dedicated slot to trackmania so dont worry about not getting chance to play.

Next we have a LAN Favorite make it’s way through the ranks to be a tournament game. Round robin free for all. Simple. Finally we have the KustomPCs tournaments. Graeme of KustomPCs will send us some whacky and weird indie game for us to play on the day. We wont be annoucing the game until the event to stop anyone from getting any practice in. Level playing field for all. We don’t even know what it’s going to be.

Remember guys, just over a week until LanOps 17 and we still have a few spaces left. Book now to secure your place!

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September 2nd - 4th

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